After all these years?

I finally decided to make my own website. It always sounded like a very silly idea - why would I need a website, aren't social media accounts enough?

Well, my turning point was a moment when I started painting miniatures. It is a rare moment when I can have a somewhat reliable stream of content to post - pictures, techniques, thoughts, etc. I know that I can post it on a myriad of social media platforms, X/Twitter being the most obvious choice, but I immediately found myself posting the same content on Telegram, where I have most of my russian-speaking friends, and X/Twitter for the rest of the world.

Besides that, I wanted to build something very simple and see results immediately. I wanted to play with some technologies I haven't used for a while and see how they evolved. Moreover, it was years since I tried to build a personal website, and I wanted to see how it would feel now.

Funnily enough, these days it is more difficult to use your own site as a main place to keep your content because social media wants everyone to stay in their walled garden - Facebook penalizes posts with external links, Twitter makes autoposting more difficult than it was 15 years ago, etc. But I do not have any ambitious goals to build a huge audience, so I think I will be fine :)

My main content categories as I see them now are:

Let's see how it will go this time. Cheers!