All your bases are belong to us

Bases... Last thing that stands between model being "done" and "actually done". Bases were that part that I wasn't put much of a thinking into when I started painting this old starter kit. Even after months, with Death Guard models being "done" for a while, and all Space Marines painted, my bases are still not "done". When I was painting Death Guard I was mostly concerned with my models themselves and honestly did not have enough paints or additional supplies to put much of an energy to it, but things were different once I started painting marines, and it backfired - I wanted to use Space Marines as a testbed for different techniques and technical paints, and I got too carried away.

Each unit of Space Marines has a different effect applied to it, so bases must be different as well. Hellblasters have wet mud effect, Intercessors are on swampy bases, Inceptors are on dry martian soil, and so on. This made the whole process of basing more complicated, and it takes significantly more time than I exprected. Still, it is a good idea to try everything I had (I really liked how "Typhus Corrosion" paint made models look), and I am glad I did it.

On the first attempt, only wet mud for Hellblasters turned out well - simple application of Armageddon Dust texture paint followed with Agrax Earthshade, and then drybrushed with lighter brown. I finished by painting it with 'Ardcoat to make it look wet.

Martian bases for Inceptors were a bit more complicated. I followed the tutorial from Games Workshop, but I had to improvise a bit because I did not have all the paints they used. It turned out well, but... boring and low-contrast, despite all requird shading and drybrushing. Probably I picked wrong colors, so I added few pieces of Milliput to make it look like there are some rocks on the base, and make them more interesting. Of course, I forgot to basecoat them, so once the layer of Martian Ironcrust texture paint I applied on top of them dried out and cracked, white Milliput was visible, so I had to apply few layers on top of it to make white color disappear.