Whew, "Know no fear" is finally done

Yes, I did it! All models from "Know no fear" starter set are painted with their bases done. It took me a while, but I am glad I did it. I learned a lot, and I tried a lot of the techniques and paints -- starting from basic brush control skills, paint thinning, and ending with technical paints and using contrast paints.

I played a few introductory missions from the rulebook that came with the set, and despite it was 9th (or 8th?) edition, it was still fun because it gradually introduced new rules and mechanics. Would be interesting to play them again with the new rules from 10th edition.

Now we're onto the next big thing - "Leviathan" box. I already painted 10 termagaunts, but there are still a LOT of models to paint. I am still having my doubts about to how to paint them. When I bought it, I thought that I will paint all of them using contrast and layer paints only, but I am on the fence about how it makes Space Marines look - it definitely look awesome on Tyranids, but Space Marines have these big flat surfaces, and it requires more effort to make them look good. Moreover, I tried to paint marines without metallics altogether and I am not sure if I like it more than traditional approach.

This time I will not make them as battle damaged as I did with "Know no fear", so they will look more like they are fresh from the factory, and getting there raises question of using contrast paints again.